Info for Parents

At Quest we value parental involvement. It is crucial for a child or young person with autism.

The Quest School offers information and support to all parents. Parents are kept informed about the daily school life of their son or daughter. The school provides information on how parents can help, and how to apply the same strategies allowing their child to reach their potential in the home as well as in the school setting. A good communicative relationship between home and school is hugely beneficial to each pupil’s individual progress.

The school meets regularly with parents both formally and informally, to discuss progress, agree behaviour plans and to help parents manage their son or daughter’s behaviour at home. Termly Individual Education Plans are sent home outlining the skills which a child has mastered, as well as information about general progress and behaviour. A daily communication book also serves to strengthen the link between home and school.

At the end of each academic year an Annual Report is sent home which details the pupils overall progress across the following areas:

  • Communication and Language
  • Social, Behavioural and Emotional
  • Play & Leisure
  • Self help and Independence
  • Physical and Sensory
  • Academic