Aims & Objectives

Our aims and objectives at Quest include:

  • Providing an excellent education and care for all of our pupils
  • Maintaining a happy, safe and positive environment where pupils can enjoy learning
  • Equipping pupils with effective communication and social skills, valuable life skills and access to a broad and balanced curriculum through the approach of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum thus improving overall development, self-esteem, self-discipline and motivation to learn.
  • Promoting independence through the systematic teaching of self-help skills, communication and behavioural skills, specific to the individual requirements of pupils.

Delivering the best possible provision for our pupils through a combination of:

  • Closely monitored and continually tailored individual education plans
  • Regular consultation with the school’s accredited ABA Consultant. The consultant oversees the development of individualised programmes for each pupil, and is responsible for maintaining an excellent standard of ABA throughout the school.
  • A combination of individual teaching and group work, where the pupils can benefit from interaction with other pupils, and develop skills required to operate effectively within a group context.
  • Partnering with other specialist professionals such as Speech & Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.
  • Carefully planned and aided integration into mainstream education, where appropriate, and, for those pupils not accessing mainstream education, the opportunity to thrive in a fully inclusive environment which supports the full extent of their individual needs.
  • A programme of offsite activities and visits, providing many opportunities for broader experience, as well as generalisation of communication and behavioural skills, vital for successful integration into and enjoyment of the wider community.
  • Providing daily communication via contact books or email and working in close partnership with parents, Quest school has an ‘open door’ policy whereby parents and professionals are welcomed into the school, by appointment, to discuss their progress.
  • Promoting continuous professional development for all staff in the school, to ensure that Quest provides the best possible education for all it’s pupils.
  • An inclusive ‘whole school’ approach to self evaluation and development planning, creating a culture of continuous improvement.